BDBC Membership

Membership DCCB

Membership of the DCCB is open to companies, partnerships, organisations and individuals who are interested in positive commercial relations between the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Main benefits of Membership:

  • Your company is regularly adviced of all relevant trade enquiries advice on all aspects of Bulgarian-Dutch trade.
  • Company promotion on our web site through the DCCB Members' listing.
  • Automatic invitations to Events organised by the DCCB.

    The DCCB offers 4 kinds of memberships:


1. Corporate membership - BGN 300 / EUR 150 per year.

2. Individual membership - BGN 50 / EUR 25 per year.
This is available for Dutch managers and employees of Bulgarian companies who do not want to display their company information.

3. Free membership.
This membership is meant for Students, Charities and NGO's.

4. Honorary membership – Free.
This membership can be offered both to companies and individuals.